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We are pleased to introduce the  Paia Town Association (PTA). The PTA has been established as a non-profit organization to serve and promote the interests of our Paia community. With County and private funding, a strategic plan was developed to define the needs and challenges of Paia. Over the coming months, we will be working on several initiatives that benefit all members of the Paia community – residents, merchants and landowners. We intend:

  • To continue special events promoting Paia like Small Business Saturday, Paia Gives, Concierge Events and to create other similar community building events
  • To provide a venue to advertise and promote Paia (
  • To establish town programs addressing security, safety and cleanliness
  • To create an information resource for Paia community members regarding current events and issues
  • Your support and participation are critical to these efforts. We are a self-funding organization that relies on volunteer efforts, membership dues and website advertising revenue to operate.  Please consider your membership an important contribution to our collective well-being. Our Board of Directors participates solely on a volunteer basis and represents a cross-section of the community. Please see the attached list of individuals.

We strongly encourage you to support our efforts and participate in our events. We hope by working together we can build a model by which all small towns can follow here in Hawaii. We recognize how special Paia is and hope you do too. Please get involved.

—Martin Brass
President, Paia Town Association


Martin Brass President, business/property owner
Michele McLean Civic representative, Maui County Deputy Planning Director, resident
David Spee Vice President, business/property owner
Francine “Mopsy” Aarona Resident
Malia Vandervoort Secretary, Business owner
Mike White Civic representative, Maui County Council member, Makawao / Haiku / Paia
Susun White Treasurer, business owner
Trish Young Business owner


Read our Paia Town Strategic Plan and By-Laws